Sep 12, 2010

Tonight at 10 pm, MTV3-uutiset: Short feature about Archie!

Mika Tommola from MTV3 called the other day to ask for a short feature about the oven project at the end of the Sunday evening news- of course, we agreed! Due to rain on Saturday, we moved the baking and the interview to today’s afternoon. It was actually the first time of baking real sourdough rolls and bread in the oven, and it worked really nicely!

We had the freshly baked buns with butter (of course!) and home- made jam made from self-picked aronia berries from Herttoniemi (thanks to Felix, Anna, and Ville for the good hint where to find them!). Unfortunately, I was so busy baking and talking that I forgot to take pictures. We will upload the movie-file here soon, so stay tuned if you cannot see it tonight!

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