May 18, 2012

Archie goes bananas!

According to recent studies, 400 million kg of edible food are thrown out to waste each year in Finland, of which around 100 million kg are accounted to the food industry, 130 million kg to households, and 170 million kg to other parts of the food chain. Last year's Restaurant day's foraging quest led us to the forest, this time it will be the backyards of supermarkets, restaurants and homes. Our appointed food waste representative is: the banana!

We invite you warmly to participate in our outdoors laboratory to create and invent new recipes from unwanted bananas. Your creations will be baked by Archie the oven at Kalasatama's container square and shared on an open buffet table. The recipes will be compiled into a cookbook which can be downloaded, printed, and shared from an online self-publishing platform.

Open call: Do you have some food ingredients getting dusty in your shelves that you won't ever use again until they turn bad? Don't wait for that moment and bring them along to complement our lab ingredients!

Let's go bananas!

The Urban oven activists :)

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